Unique Family Portraits with Vienna-based photographer Christine Benally Peranteau

One of my favorite aspects of working as a family photographer is the opportunity to meet other expat families. Vienna is a wonderful city for children, and it has many, many international couples and families. I was recently connected with an American expat family through the Vienna Babies Club (a wonderful English-speaking parents' support organizations). 

Very often, during a session (usually when I am working with a family on a longer for session like a Day in the Life or Afternoon in the Life session) one of the family members becomes what I like to call my muse. They capture my attention and always seem to be in the middle of all the action. During this session, the older son, absolutely became the muse. 

It was a lot of fun following him around. And, before I left, he bestowed upon me the honor of wearing a sticker of one of his favorite pieces of construction equipment, the ubiquitous crane. With the number of cranes that dot the Viennese skyline, it is no wonder he chose that vehicle as his favorite (for that day at lease).

Do you stop to notice the many cranes around Vienna? Or know someone who does? Then share this post in solidarity with your fellow crane (or construction site) enthusiasts.